Driving Sustainable Gaming Innovation through Data-Driven Engagement, Technology and Responsible Community Support

It is no secret that Australia’s gaming industry brings economic benefits through employment and tax revenue. In 2015-2016, gambling revenue made up 7.7% of state and territory taxation revenue and the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies reported that with every $1 million of gambling income created the equivalent of 3.2 full- time jobs.

However, digital innovation is changing the gambling landscape. The industry is at a new age of gaming experience and engagement where the proliferation of entertainment options represents significant revenue growth.

That being said, consumer protection measures and regulations are set to intensify given the challenges with ‘at risk’ consumers. How does the industry continue adding value to the economy through innovative gaming experienced and designs whilst reducing the negative externalities brought on by problem gambling?

With this in mind, The Gaming Innovation Summit 2019 will bring together executives from clubs, casinos, pubs, hotels, gaming spaces, regulators and industry gaming associations to share their everyday stories and lessons learnt in a bid to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest developments in the industry, regulations, disruptions and strategies.

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Hear how Club Taree is innovatively diversifying revenue streams from gaming to improve customer engagement and experience

Learn from the Office of Responsible Gambling, NSW Department of Industry’s Responsible Gambling Education, focusing on prevention and early Intervention to mitigate and prevent ‘at-risk’ gambling behaviours

Discuss how the Australasian Gaming Council is improving collaboration between the jurisdiction, government, individual and community to avoid reputational damage

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Director/Head/GM of:

  • Operations
  • Digital
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Corporate/Regulatory Affairs
  • Compliance
  • Host Responsibility
  • Gaming Management
  • Gaming Operations

From the following industries:

  • Gambling organizations (Retail)
  • Clubs (Regional, State & National)
  • Hotels
  • Online Betting & Wagering
  • Racing Clubs
  • Government Regulators (State & National)
  • Social/Not-For-Profit Associations & Agencies (Community Wellness/Rehabilitation)
  • Pubs

Why Attend?

The University of Las Vegas International Gaming Institute is bridging the gap between knowledge and application through collaborative projects with Gaming Operators on the Vegas Strip to stay ahead of the competitors

Learn how Marina Bay Sands Singapore is sustaining revenue growth through innovation whilst reducing community harm

Discuss how Sportsbets is Using of Real Time-Data Analytics to encourage responsible wagering patterns and mitigate ‘at-risk’ activities of online players

Join Greyhound Racing Victoria to protect the Integrity and reputation of the Greyhound Racing Code with industry stakeholders

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